Virtual Exhibition Meu olhar NY

Opening of the Virtual Exhibition “Meu olhar, NY” by @fernandafernandesphoto in @marieclairebr

The Art and Culture segment, one of the most affected during this quarantine, has sparked creativity within the limitations imposed. Music on the balcony, orchestra performances with each member in their own homes, and new ways of presenting real artworks in virtual environments.

Paintings, sculptures, and photographs converted into 3D objects allow for a closer personal experience of appreciating art, as if we were inside the gallery, inside the museum.

This possibility, which some museums and galleries had already been experimenting with for some time, has been further developed and refined due to the mandatory closure of many collections and temporary exhibitions.

Current technology allows artists and galleries to digitally curate their exhibitions, making them accessible through a virtual address worldwide, unlike a physical gallery.

This visit is different from a photo gallery. It is a deeper experience. The artworks dialogue with each other, the curation is evident in the placement of each piece, the chosen sizes, and the accompanying texts that amplify the visual interpretation.

A virtual gallery provides better separation for each artwork, each series within the same exhibition.

The empty space is also important, something that doesn’t appear in a photo gallery, a format so common on social media where powerful images get lost amidst the volume of superficial content being published.

Even after reopening for in-person visits, virtual exhibitions will continue to be tools that expand the reach and possibilities of art in the world.