Collective Exhibition Around the World Through Photography – 12th Tiradentes Photography Festival – Foto em Pauta

Around the World Through Photography

Curated and organized by: Renato Negrão

Location: Garden of Teatro Casa de Boneco | Rua Direita, 288

Photos by: Ana Cláudia Castro, Ana Figueiredo, Fernanda Fernandes, Giancarlo Ceccon, Malu Mesquita, Manu da Gama, Márcia Celjar, Máximo Hernández, Paulo Henrique Cruz, Socorro Monteiro, Thiago Altran, Vinícius Garcia.

Since D. Pedro II brought photography to Brazil, many have used this language to capture images in different locations, much like the Emperor, who documented some of his travels in the 19th century, shortly after the invention of photography. The combination of travel and photography is part of the history of Brazilian photography.

The exhibition celebrates the passion for traveling and photography, starting with Tiradentes itself, paying homage to this city so sought after by photographers, and continues through the five continents. It is an invitation to the keen eye of those passionate about photography and the world.